We are very thankful for the generous contributions from our sponsors:

Colonel Gray High School for providing space free of charge for our tournaments

Spring Park ES for hosting the School Team Tournament 2017

Queen Charlotte IS for hosting the May 2017 monthly tournament

CGHS Graphic Design Class and Barbara Bovaird for Provincial T-shirt designs for the 
CCC 2016, 2017

The Guardian for printing all our notices for no charge

BRIGHTON Construction for support of Team PEI 2016, 2017

Tada Pharma for support of Team PEI 2017

ANBO Hardware for support of Team PEI 2017

And from our past sponsors:

Cathy Chan of Stellar Sci-Edu Ltd for sponsoring the CCC 2015 T-shirts

Art Fresh for the T-shirt design for the CCC 2015

PEI Red Mud Shirts for donating t-shirts for Team PEI attending the CCC 2014

          Maritime Electric

    The PEIYCA is seeking additional sponsorship to finance our activities.  You can sponsor a tournament or sponsor a player to attend the Canadian Chess Challenge.  
Any donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated!  Sponsors will receive publicity 
at our events, in our flyers, on our webpage, and in news coverage. 
 Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring youth chess in PEI.