Calendar of Events

PEI YCA events include tournaments, championships and instructional camps throughout the calendar year.

2019-20 Schedule:  Location is Colonel Gray High School, in the cafeteria, unless otherwise specified.  

  • Sept 29 -  Monthly Tournament 
  • Oct 19 - Mini-camp
  • Nov 3 - Maritime Scholastic Qualifier
    • Note:  This is the qualifying tournament for the Maritime Scholastic Tournament on Nov 23 in Moncton, NB 
  • Nov 16 - Mini-camp: West Royalty School
  • Dec 8 - Bill Pitre Memorial Tournament
  • Jan 12 - Monthly Tournament
  • Jan 25 - Mini-camp 
  • Feb 9 - Monthly Tournament
  • Feb 15 - Mini-camp 
  • March 1 -  PEI Chess Challenge.  Storm date is March 8.  Players compete by grade in grades 1-12.  Top player in each grade forms the 12 player PEI Team to compete at the Canadian Chess Challenge May 17-18 in Montreal.
  • March 28 - Mini-camp 
  • April 5 - Monthly Tournament
  • April 18- Mini-camp 
  • May 3 - School Team Tournament

Monthly Tournaments

Open to all students from kindergarten to grade 12.  Everyone plays at least 4 games.  Students are divided into 4- or 6-player groups by CMA rating and age.  Prizes awarded for the top 3 players in each group (medal, ribbon or chess pin), while new players receive a participation pin.  Tournaments are rated by the Chess’n Math Association.

    Entry Fee: $10($5 for second & subsequent players in the same family)
    Registration: 12:15 - 12:45 pm
            Note:  In order for the tournament to start on time, registration closes at 12:45

The first round begins at 1:00 pm. The tournament is over by 4:00 pm (3:00 pm for younger children).


Open to all students from kindergarten to grade 12.  Players should know the basic rules of chess.  Participants will be split into groups based on age and skill level. Activities include classroom lesson, worksheets and supervised practice.  
    Entry Fee: $20 ($10 for second & subsequent players in the same family)
    Preregistration is required by the Thursday prior to the camp.   Preregister by email:  [email protected]
    Check-in: 12:15-12:30
    Camp: 12:30 - 3:30

Maritime Scholastic Tournament

     This annual tournament, held each November, is a team match between New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. Selection of the 24 player PEI team is made at the Maritime Scholastic Qualifying Tournament.

School Team Championship

   This annual tournament is held each spring and is open to all schools.   Teams consist of 4 players from the same school, and there are three different sections by grade:   K-4, K-6, and  7-12.
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