The Prince Edward Island Youth Chess Association (PEIYCA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting scholastic chess on PEI. 


The national finals of the Canadian Chess Challenge will be held online this year on June 26-27. Every province is represented by one player in each grade.

The PEIYCA hopes to field a full 12 player team for the event. We will hold an online qualification tournament on Saturday, May 1. Students who are interested in taking part must register by Sunday, April 18. To register, send an e-mail to
[email protected]. Information should include full name, grade, and school.

The provincial qualification tournament and the national finals will both be held at
www.lichess.org  This is the same site used by the Chess’n Math Association and the Nova Scotia Scholastic Chess Association for their online events during the last year. There is a tutorial on playing at lichess.org on the NSSCA website.

March 2021

The PEIYCA is the provincial affiliate of the Chess’n Math Association, Canada’s national scholastic chess organisation. Until we resume holding tournaments on the island, we can recommend the many online activities organised by Chess’n Math which include rated tournaments, classes, camps, and a weekly club. They are open to kids from across the country.

The events are based in Toronto and Montreal. When you go to their website at
www.chess-math.org, you can select the city of your choice. Events in Montreal are in English or French. The next rated tournaments are Sunday, March 28 (Montreal) and Sunday, April 11 (Toronto).

All tournaments are played at lichess.org. For a nice youtube tutorial on using this chess-playing site, written by Chris Felix of the NSSCA, see nssca.ca/get-ready-on-lichess-org/

The Saturday Online Chess Clubs are based in Toronto and Montreal.

Please write us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Winners of the PEI Provincial Chess Challenge held on 08 Mar 2020

Grade champions playing at the Canadian Chess Challenge, national finals in Montreal on May 16-18 as part of Team PEI.
1  Niall Arun
2 Channing Guo
3 Ankush Gowda
4 Sam Wang
5 Zihe Fu
6 Malcolm McIntyre
7 Suri Wang
8 Chris Mao
9 Kevin Nguyen
10 Arnab Kundu
11 Linda Tan
12 Alvin Nguyen

Top 3 in each grade
1  Niall Arun, Abhinav Gowda
2 Channing Guo, Eric Wang, Andy Ngugen
3 Ankush Gowda, Sarghi Tawana, Hudson Yorke
4 Sam Wang, Ivan Wang, Sam Bourassi
5 Zihe Fu, Isaac Landry, Gordon Tan
6 Malcolm McIntyre, Theo Plourde, Cameron Craswell
7 Suri Wang, Luke Dickie, DuncanMcIntyre
8 Chris Mao, Seamus MacEachern, Joshbir Roy
9 Kevin Nguyen
10 Arnab Kundu
11 Linda Tan
12 Alvin Nguyen

Want to start a chess club?  

"Chess Club In A Box" is an initiative organized by the PEI Youth Chess Association to promote chess in public schools throughout the province. The goal is to provide teachers or interested parents with everything they need to start and maintain a successful school chess program.


Chess sets (with vinyl board and storage tube)

 are available for purchase at all tournaments for $25.  

Or email [email protected] to order.