Chess Club in a Box

"Chess Club In A Box" is an initiative organized by the PEI Youth Chess Association to promote chess in schools 

throughout the province.  The goal is to provide teachers or interested parents with everything they need to start 

and maintain a successful school chess program.

Any PEI school is eligible for a "Chess Club In A Box", providing they agree to organize a school chess program. The sets are theirs to keep as long as their annual school chess program remains active. If their club ceases, then the sets should be returned to the PEIYCA (for redistribution).

The "Box" includes:

  • 5 sturdy high quality tournament style chess sets with durable vinyl boards, each packaged in its own tube
  • a printable pdf file with information and resources, including:

    a. How to start and run a school chess club

    b. Rules of chess

    c. Useful forms (round robin or knockout tournaments)

    d. Internet resources

Spread the word and get your chess club started now!