First, second and third place players by grade: 

Gr 1: Duncan McIntyre, Luke Dickie, Campbell Burrows
Gr 2: Seamus MacEachern, Samil Sunil, Anderson Arseneau

Gr 3: Ronan Lantz, Alex Rogers, Nathen Whitnell
Gr 4: Arnab Kundu, Luc Doucette, Julien Gallant
Gr 5: Karla Lynn McCallum, Hunter Blaisdell, Cameron MacDonald
Gr 6: Chengming Jai, Arjun Kundu, Ian Kerr
Gr 7: SoumyaDeep Chowdhury
Gr 8: Jack Ronahan, Bradley Norman, Jarred Ostridge
Gr 9: Joseph Kassouf, Curtis Lough, Alexandria Wood
Gr 10: Sandy MacDonald
Gr 11: Ian Hink, Iain Crowell

Complete tournament results can be found on the CMA website

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Team PEI 2014

Grade 1 Top Three            Grade 2 Top Three            Grade 3 Top Three        Grade 4 Top Three
https://sites.google.com/site/peiyca/PEIYCA-Home-Page/pei-provincial-chess-challenge/2014/DSC08549.JPG\  https://sites.google.com/site/peiyca/PEIYCA-Home-Page/pei-provincial-chess-challenge/2014/DSC08552.JPG   https://sites.google.com/site/peiyca/PEIYCA-Home-Page/pei-provincial-chess-challenge/2014/DSC08555.JPG  https://sites.google.com/site/peiyca/PEIYCA-Home-Page/pei-provincial-chess-challenge/2014/DSC08557.JPG

Grade 5 Top Three          Grade 6 Top Three          Grade 7                        Grade 8 Top Three

    Grade 9 Top Three                Grade 10                    Grade 11 



PEI Provincial Chess Challenge 2014