PEI Chess Challenge 2015

PEI Chess Challenge 2015

First, second and third place by grade:

Gr. 1 Malcolm McIntyre, Brecken Burrows, Clara Dorsey
Gr. 2 Duncan McIntyre, Patrick Si, Luke Dickie
Gr.3 Seamus MacEachern, Joshbir Roy, Gabriel Ing
Gr. 4 Ronnie Wei, Nathan Whitnell, Alex Rogers
Gr. 5 Arnab Kundu, Luc Doucette, Ryan Green
Gr. 6 Cameron MacDonald, Hunter Blaisdell, Matthew Wang
Gr. 7 Jacky Jia, Vaishakh Deshpande 
Gr. 8 SoumyaDeep Chowdhury, Keaghan Norring, Ethan Borden
Gr. 9 Bradley Norman, Jack Ronahan, William MacLeod
Gr. 11 John Smith, James Tweel 
Gr. 12 Iain Crowell, Ian Hink

Complete tournament results can be found on the CMA website

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Team PEI 2015

Grade One Top Three

Grade Two Top Three

Grade Three Top Three

Grade Four Top Three

Grade Five Top Three

Grade Six Top Three

Grade Seven

Grade Eight Top Three

Grade Nine Top Three

Grade Eleven

Grade Twelve